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Protection of Biogradska Gora dates from 1878 when this territory became “Duke’s preserve”, a gift to the ruler of Montenegro of that time, Duke Nikola.

The greatest value of the National Park is the primeval forest Biogradska Gora, total area of 1600 ha. It is one of the last three primeval forests in Europe. It’s highly protected reservation and it represents biological treasury of ecologic ecosystems with 86 species of dendroflora..

National Park “Biogradska Gora” has over 200 registered bird species. All species are protected apart from some species of the family of crows. Two most significant water objects in the National Park are Lake Biogradsko with its watershed and river Tara.


Near the National Park there is a monument of major significance, The Moraca Monastery, which is a memorial of Duke Vukan Nemanjic. The church, consecrated to Assumption of the Mother of God, was erected in 1252.

…For more then seven centuries the Monastery has been a center of historical and cultural events. Whole gallery of frescos dates from XIII, XVI and XVIII centuries. Also, here are our most significant icons, dating from XVII century.