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Whether you choose the winter or the summer season for visiting Durmitor, you will not feel the lack of unique mountain view. The National Park “Durmitor” spreads across 39000 ha, and its area of 20000 ha has been included in the UNESCO since 1980. Zabljak, the city with the greatest height above the sea level at Balkans, 1456 m, is situated here. It is surrounded by 23 mountain peaks over 2300m high. 



NThere are 18 glacier lakes called  “mountain eyes” in the area of Durmitor. The most famous is Black Lake, covered with ice and crystals of frozen snowflakes in the winter. You can swim in it in the middle of the summer. Between the steep hillsides or hidden in the green, thick foliage, are the magic beauties: Zmijinje, Barno, Riblje, Vrazje, Modro and the other lakes. Bobotov kuk, the peak high 2523 m, dominates over entire Montenegro.