We started working on May 5th, 2002. Each season we provide service to thousands of visitors, providing information about the best possible summer vacation options in Montenegro. The new 2006 season we await with the new design and system, which will not only make the searching process easier, but will also give better quality service to the end-users.
The enthusiasm, the youth, liveliness and authenticity, the pure and wild beauty of the worldwide unique nature, as well as the irresistible and recognizable image of Montenegro – they all depict the inherent attributes of Montenegro, as well as our Mission.
We wish to show to the entire world the Montenegro as we feel it in our blood and know it by birth and by living in it.
To this end we have chosen the Internet as the best, the fastest and the most accessible media. We have joined pride with knowledge, the old myths with modern information, tradition and the latest trends!
We make smaller the geographical distance that separates us from our friends all over the world!
All this is done with one aim: to provide adequate information to the tourists who are the end users of our services, our efforts and means that we wish and intend to invest. We wish them to be satisfied and happy that they have been attracted to visit Montenegro and to carry the pleasant memories of it in their hearts!
All contacts, discovered information and inquires are handled and provided to you by the Montenegro Tourist Service team:

Montenegro Tourist Service is a reliable partner that is not only giving the information, but also guaranteeing the safe and top quality stay in Montenegro.
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Saša Petrović, General manager
Maja Ćirić, Art Director

Sonja Petrović,
Ana Kovačević,
Ružica Ibročić, copywriter
Danijela Stanojević,
Ana Vuković,

Duško Mihailović,
Jovan Njegović Drndak,
Milan Mirković,

Petar Vujović,
Rajko Damjanović,
Dragana Kovačević,
Jela Borovićanin,
Zarija Koprivica,


Montenegro Tourist Service
Radosava Burica 171
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tel.: ++381 67 256 557
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Novi Sad:
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